Teppo Järvinen

International Keynote

Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland

    Teppo Järvinen has acted as a clinical professor and academic head of Orthopaedics and Traumatology at the University of Helsinki and a Chief Surgeon at the Helsinki University Central Hospital since 2015. Dr. Järvinen has published some 120 peer-reviewed articles in international, peer-reviewed medical journals, including +10 in the leading general medical journals, such as the NEJM, The Lancet, the BMJ, PLoS Med, Ann Intern Med, and CMAJ. His work has been cited ∼ 7,000 times.

    Dr. Järvinen’s most recognized published work is a set of three Analysis pieces for the BMJ, critically analysing current management strategies for the prevention of fractures in the elderly and two randomized, placebo-surgery controlled trials on the efficacy of arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgeries. The findings of the FIDELITY trial on arthroscopic partial meniscectomy, showing that the most common surgical procedure in the world was no better than pretend-surgery, were showcased in all major news media outlets, including the CNN, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Guardian. These contributions, described as “practice-changing”, earned him an invitation to the IDEAL Collaboration, an international group of surgeons, researchers, journal editors, methodologists, statisticians, and others devoted to producing, disseminating, and evaluating quality research in surgery. Prof. Järvinen is the first-ever Scandinavian researcher to be invited to this prestigious group, which receives strong ongoing support from The Lancet and the BMJ, regularly publishing the group’s recommendations and proposals. More recently, Dr. Järvinen also received a nomination to the BMJ-sponsored group, the List of Industry-Independent Experts (LIIE).