Richard Modderman

Invited Speaker, Mental Health

Physiotherapist, The Royal Darwin Hospital, NT

    Richard graduated from the University of Queensland in 2013, working at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane as well as in private practice. Whilst working for the Princess Alexandra Hospital he worked in a senior role in Adult Mental Health, including the acute and rehabilitation settings. Recently, he moved to the Northern Territory and is currently working at The Royal Darwin Hospital and helping to develop a Northern Territory chapter for the APA Mental Health National Mental Health group.

    Richard has a particular interest in primary prevention, chronic disease management, and the role of Physiotherapy in increasing the equity of high-quality healthcare – where all people have the same opportunity to maximise their health and well-being. Regardless of the setting of practice, he feels that an understanding and appreciation of mental health and the role of Physiotherapy is important to maximising the health and well-being of our patients.