Lester Jones

International Keynote

Physiotherapist, Signapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

    Lester Jones is an experienced educator and pain physiotherapist and has postgraduate qualifications in behavioural sciences, teaching and learning, and pain. His clinical experience includes working in interdisciplinary pain management clinics and working with survivors of torture. He has completed training in trauma-informed care to support these roles. Lester is the co-creator of the Pain and Movement Reasoning Model, a clinical reasoning tool to help physiotherapists capture the multidimensional and dynamic features of pain.

    His research is focused on integrating current concepts of pain into clinical practice, obstetrics care and health professional training. His research interests have been influenced by a long and ongoing association with the Judith Lumley Centre, a research centre dedicated to improving the health of women and children and families. His recent publications include diverse topics including labour pain, pain after torture and pain in sportspeople. He is the Research Officer for the International Association for the Study of Pain Special Interest GroupĀ Pain associated with Torture, Organised Violence and War and is in to his second term on the committee of the Pain Association of Singapore. Currently, Lester is living in Singapore and working in the Health and Social Sciences Cluster at Singapore Institute of Technology.