Johanna Lynch

Keynote Speaker, Mental Health

Doctor, University of Queensland, QLD

    Johanna Lynch is a GP psychotherapist in Brisbane working with adults who have survived childhood trauma and neglect. This clinical work and its rich transdisciplinary literature has led her to question the current framing of mental health as separate from the body and life story. She can no longer see the objective body as separate from subjective experience. Using generalist pattern recognition that integrates biomedical and social science knowledge, she has devoted her clinical and research work to defining and practicing whole person care.

    Johanna teaches medical students, GPs and mental health clinicians and consults on domestic violence in primary care. She is President of the Australian Society for Psychological Medicine. As daughter of a physiotherapist and mother to a physio student Johanna sees physios as fellow generalists who care for both body and mind!

    She was recently awarded her PhD through University of Queensland developing the concept of ‘sense of safety’ as a whole person approach to distress. These ideas have been described by transdisciplinary stakeholders as ‘common sense’, ‘paradigm changing’, and ‘sorely needed’ and have been distilled into a book: A Whole Person Approach to Wellbeing: Building Sense of Safety.