Huong Ly Tong

Keynote Speaker, Mini Keynote

Researcher/Consultant, University of Sydney, NSW

    Ms Huong Ly Tong is a researcher and consultant in digital health, who is passionate about helping people lead a healthy and happy life. Ly is currently doing a PhD at Westmead Applied Research Centre, The University of Sydney. Her research looks at how to leverage innovative technologies such as mobile apps or fitness trackers to promote healthy lifestyle. Her research is supported by the prestigious Australia’s Research Training Program scholarship.

    Ly has a background in Public Health, including a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Research.  Ly has attracted over $500k in research funding and has been awarded a number of international and national prizes from The Germany Academic Exchange Services, CSIRO, The University of Sydney, Macquarie University and Golden Key Society. Ly is a passionate science communicator who has received recognition for her research including the 2021 NSW semi-finalist for the Famelab competition.