Helen Slater

Invited Speaker, Musculoskeletal

Professor, Curtin University, WA

    Helen Slater (PhD, FACP, MAppSc(Phty), BAppSc(Phty) is a Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Curtin University. Her interests lie in strategic capacity-building initiatives in musculoskeletal pain and health to support consumers receiving ‘right’ care and to strengthen health systems and health services to support that care.

    She co-leads a research group with Prof Andrew Briggs at Curtin University, working closely with health policymakers in government, NGOs, and international associations and collaborations with an interest in musculoskeletal pain and health.

    Her research focuses on delivering real-world impact, connecting patients and clinicians, across disciplines, across jurisdictions, and across sectors (health systems and policy, health industry and educational systems). She combines clinical pain research (laboratory-based and clinical phenotyping including QST), and health services research including capacity building initiatives to support the implementation of musculoskeletal Models of Care. Also, the enabling role of digital technologies (eHealth and mHealth) in supporting sustainable musculoskeletal Models of Care is a key area of research.

    Helen is a Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists (FACP), and continues to consult in the capacity of a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.