Gavin Williams

Invited Speaker, Neurology

Professor, Epworth Healthcare/The University of Melbourne, VIC

    Prof Gavin Williams PhD FACP has worked in neurological rehabilitation for nearly 30 years. He is the inaugural Associate Professor of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, a joint position appointed between Epworth Healthcare and The University of Melbourne. In this role, Gavin works clinically in the neurological rehabilitation unit at 0.5EFT and in a research role at 0.5EFT. Gavin was awarded Fellowship to the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2011. He has over 120 peer-reviewed journal publications and over 200 international and national conference presentations. Since he began working at the Epworth Hospital 25 years ago, he has developed a program to teach advanced gait and running skills to people with neurological injuries.


    Since that time he has been a Post-doctoral Research Fellow focusing on the rehabilitation of people with neurological conditions, particularly targeting:

    • the assessment and treatment of mobility limitations
    • resistance training
    • spasticity management